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Electric MINI Cooper Releases July 2019


Mini S E Releases July 9th

Coming soon to some MINI dealerships near you is MINI’s newest release: The Mini Cooper S E, an all electric MINI Cooper! The company has left its fans in the dark with the car’s exact specifications, but after watching the viral YouTube video of the S E pulling an airplane, it’s a fair statement to say that people around the world are waiting to see what else the S E brings to the table.


MINI Cooper S E Tows Airplane

What’s New?

While the MINI S E seems to have capabilities beyond our greatest imagination for a vehicle of its stature, there are no specifics when it comes to features and specs. The exterior of the S E takes much of its design from the concept showcased at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Much like the latest MINI Cooper designs, the car looks like a modern-day MINI with a slightly curved and sleek body style.

Giving an ode to MINI’s “Meant to be turned on” slogan, the S E is decked out in bright yellow trim that will light up the streets alongside its electric-powered engine. With a sleeker body style and futuristic details, the MINI S E is primed to become a sporty version for electric hatchbacks.

2020 MINI Cooper S E
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Will the MINI S E Compete in the Electric Market?

The Not So Great

Other car sources had the chance to test drive the S E and came back with a few hypotheses. During a prototype drive, Autoblog.com learned that the motor inside the S E was designed after the BMW’s i3s, which would give the car an estimated 181 horsepower. Although this may sound all well and good, MINI’s previous electric vehicle, the 2008 MINI E, was tested in 2008 and brought a little higher horsepower of 189. Autoblog.com went on to say that during their MINI S E drive they were given an estimated range of 120 miles, which is about 30 miles less than the previous MINI E.


The MINI S E’s range of 120 miles doesn’t match up to other electric vehicles like Tesla’s Model 3 that has an estimated range of 240 miles on one charge, which would limit its ability to travel long distances. For those living in Europe who only drive very few miles every day, the MINI S E is a great choice, but for anyone who travels extensively, the S E may seem to be lackluster.

The Great

Despite the possible shortcomings, the MINI S E fits into the electric market as it comes with an entirely different set of expectations. MINI always delivers a car that’s fun to drive that doesn’t break the bank. The electric MINI cooper aims to deliver that and more. Electric vehicles are known to have instant low end torque, giving it a speed that attracts drivers from all walks of life, which has been a key selling point for companies like Tesla. The combination of acceleration and MINI’s tradition of nimble handling should mean the S E will be closer to Tesla Model 3 than a Toyota Prius. We expect the MINI S E to deliver an even better driving experience to MINI loyalists at a great price, all while meeting the market where the tides are turning from gas to electric.

Electric Trucks: What You Need to Know

With all that said, the prototype drive is just that: a prototype. No one is certain what all the MINI S E will deliver drivers until they hit the lots on July 9th. Whether MINI’s newest innovation will compete with other popular electric models is still up for debate. The world will just have to wait until July 9th to find out.

2020 MINI Cooper S E
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What electric vehicle are you most excited about? The MINI S E, Rivian’s R1T, or Tesla’s truck concept? Tell us in the comments below!

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