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The Buzz About the New VW Bus


If you’ve been hearing a lot about the new VW bus and don’t know what all the buzz is about, you’ve come to the right place. Volkswagen is releasing a first of its kind all-electric wagon style van. Much like the VW bus, you remember from the 60s and 70s, the ID. Buzz has the feel of a vintage van alongside the futuristic upgrades you expect out of an electric vehicle. 

Peace, Love & Buzz 

At first glance, you wonder how a vintage icon and the future can coincide, but Volkswagen makes it look easy with the unforgettable VW Bus shape paired with futuristic side view mirrors and lighting. Inside the ID. Buzz, Volkswagen continues to deliver on both the old and the new with a roomy cabin and highly-functional interior accessories fit more for a lounge than a day on the road. The insane amount of storage and living space are a salute to the original surfer days behind the VW bus series, but also to the lifestyle we see drivers adopting today. 

VW ID. Buzz on Twitter
VW ID. Buzz on Twitter - @susucachoo

A third row of seats can easily fit inside the vehicle, allowing for a total of 7 passengers. Van lifers everywhere are looking to the ID. Buzz to deliver on luxurious living accommodations that include a fold-down bed and table, too. While its range and speed exceed most electric lovers’ expectations for a vehicle of its size, VW makes the ID. Buzz an easy choice for those who want to road trip near and far. 

The VW Buzz gives many an ode to the original VW bus design with a roomy cabin and loaf of bread-like exterior, but you won’t find much else the same in terms of functionality and technology. With the same classic look, many expect this van to become another icon of a different generation, while also taking Microbus loyalists back to their glory days. Will it be the bus that brings generations together again? 

Features We Love

The ID. Buzz offers unique features that make this vehicle one that I would personally buy. The extensive configurations for the cabin area give the new VW bus high functionality and purpose. Whether you want to use the Buzz as a daily driver for the whole family or as a living space on the road, you can do it all in one vehicle without sacrificing luxury or practicality.  

The concept ID. Buzz features some of the latest innovations in technology including video recording “side mirrors” to make the car more aerodynamic and a rotating dashboard gnome. The car also comes with a top to bottom rear tailgate for easy storage access and almost no wasted space. The middle console can easily be moved from the front seats to the back, where it folds down like a table.  

Everything about the new VW bus takes us to the future yet hints back at how at home the past can feel. The ID. Buzz is everything we want from an electric van and more, though there are a few worrisome aspects. 

Hit or Miss Features

As we would expect from VW, especially when it comes to reimagining a cult classic – the new ID. Buzz comes with some unique styling – but we have to wonder if these unique design features will be a hit or a miss?

VW ID. Buzz
VW ID. Buzz on Twitter - @GilbertHageman

For starters, Volkswagen has designed a new steering wheel to add a more futuristic flare. Although it’s a unique piece inside the vehicle, there may be some unwanted problems that stem from it. The oblong steering wheel is so different from today’s steering wheel design that it could cause some problems. With a one-touch PRNDL under the hands of the driver, you might wonder how easy it is to shift from, say, drive to reverse while scuttling down the road. Not only that, but in test-drives shown across the web, it seems like ten and two is the only way to go. You may not be able to turn the wheel with just one hand anymore, which may be safer, but doesn’t exactly deliver on a relaxing drive. 

As far as autonomous driving is concerned, VW has designed the steering wheel to sink back into the dashboard once in autonomous mode. While this futuristic feature is innovative and may make for a relaxing drive in the years to come, what does it mean in case of an emergency? How does it work if a driver needs to resume control to avoid injury? These are some concerns that Tesla has with their autonomous driving software and it’s something VW may look to address before to releasing the vehicle in 2022, especially if the steering wheel is no longer usable in autonomous mode. 

The Future is VW 

Volkswagen’s attempt to come back from “Dieselgate” has bittersweetly made the company a frontrunner in the electric sector.

VW ID. Buzz on Twitter
VW ID. Buzz on Twitter - @vanclans

Inside the ID. Buzz model alone, there are many upgrades to classic features like the oblong, game controller-like steering wheel, aesthetic components to its autonomous driving capabilities, and command center. Most of these designs will take traditional drivers time to adjust to seeing and using them. There are some areas that are not set in stone, as 100% autonomous driving is not legal yet, but VW already has these trends in mind as they make the ID series. 

Overall, we’re excited to see where the ID.Buzz lands in 2022 and so are many others 

Twitter - @SpikyApple
Twitter - @natprov31
VW ID. Buzz
VW ID. Buzz on Twitter - @DBCoachworks

Volkswagen is putting the van into production in 2022, but with two years between now and then we expect to see more changes to the vehicle before it hits the market.  

What do you think about the new VW bus? Would you drive it, why or why not? Let us know in the comments below! 

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    Michael B January 11, 2020

    I had a 68 and 71 VW bus. Will buy a new one ASAP. When can I place an order.

    1. Carsforsale.com Team
      Carsforsale.com Team January 13, 2020

      You can view all of our VW Bus listings on our site and contact the dealership directly on the vehicle details page! Click here to view listings: https://www.carsforsale.com/volkswagen-bus-for-sale-C744418

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