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Weird Car Art You Can’t Look Away From


Sculptures and paintings melt into one when we talk about car art. Here are the coolest art cars creative drivers have created that make a statement.

Car art isn’t the most popular car subculture out there, but it does make it easy to spot the ones who are a part of it. From car sculptures to car murals, there are true works of art, masterpieces if you will, that roll on four wheels down the same highway your minivan does, while other forms of car art simply sit and wait for the next passerby in museums or car shows.

Here are the coolest, weirdest, and most elaborate art cars we could find.

The Plaidmobile

Plaidmobile on artcaragency.com

All you need is more plaid. Right? Isn’t that how it goes? This painted 1985 Buick Skyhawk is one that will take you straight back to 80s fashion. If there’s anything we learned from this vehicle it’s that the Plaidmobile is exactly the reason why cars at the dealership don’t sport textures and patterns.

The Litter Bug

LitterBug on artcaragency.com

Are you a litterbug? This Volkswagen Beetle wants to know and show you what our litter looks like if we put it all in one place. Though this car may not be an official part of the “Keep America Beautiful” organization, it sure makes a good case to pick up your trash.

The Chicken Car

Chicken Car
Chicken Car on artcaragency.com

Cluck, cluck! The chicken car is exactly what you think it is, a large chicken on top of a car. Made from metal, this chicken is definitely heavy (and tall!), but that doesn’t stop it from visiting its local gas station.

The Mirrormobile

Mirrormobile on artcaragency.com

Remind us never to drive this on a bad hair day! The Mirrormobile is covered with mirrors from top to bottom. Driving the opposite direction of this car on a sunny day could be unfortunate for your eyes, so we’re not entirely sure if this is street legal, but it sure does look cool. And that’s what matters most.

Ripper the Friendly Shark

Shark Car
Shark Car on artcaragency.com

Though we’re not sure exactly how friendly this shark car is, this vehicle is one that could part the sea. Built on a 1982 Nissan Sentra, you may wonder if the outside is that intricate, what could be inside? Inside you’ll find little fish dangling from the ceiling and blue fluorescent lights to give you the real feeling of what it’s like to be inside a shark. Except not really. It’s probably pretty gross inside a real shark.

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For the Birds

For the Birds
For the Birds on artcaragency

Ever seen a Prius that has birds painted on it? Well, now you have. This rendition of a Prius featuring various birds is not exactly the most well thought out design we’ve seen so far, but it does come with an Easter Egg. Instead of the “HYBRID” badge, the For the Birds artist switched the letters around to spell “HYBIRD.” The license plate is on theme with “FORBRDS” and the guy behind the wheel is wearing a flamingo shirt just as a bonus. He must really love birds.

The Desert Snail

Desert Snail
Desert Snail on cnn.com

You wouldn’t expect to find a snail out in the middle of the desert, but Burning Man brings all the eccentric art cars to life. The Desert Snail car has room both in the cabin and on top for passengers. Built on a VW Beetle floor pan with additional scrap metal, this snail can carry up to 19 passengers.

Wheels of Steel

Wheels of Steel
Wheels of Steel on weburbanist.com

These cars are made entirely out of gears taken from scrapyards in Poland. The windshields and windows no longer exist but are made of mesh. The group behind these car sculptures managed to build a Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Aventador, Fiat 500, Maserati GranTurismo and a Mercedes-Benz 300 SL with the scraps and gears they found. In each vehicle, the artists managed to nail the details down to the insignias and instruments seen in the real models. Even though you can’t drive them, you feel like you want to give it a shot which is pretty impressive car art, if you ask for our opinion.

What art would you create on your car? Let us know in the comments below!

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