Sioux Falls Business Showcases Cars For Sale’s New Office

At our new office in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, we have grown, nurtured, and innovated our teams and business. With access to Lake Lorraine’s walking trails, our very own coffee shop, and a curly slide, each day starts with fun. See more about our new office in the press release written by local business writer, Jodi Schwan.

Sneak preview of incredible new office

From Sioux Falls.Business by Jodi Schwan

It’s got a race car on the lobby wall, a T. rex in the office and golfing simulators in the break room.

And that’s just the start of the unique features inside the new corporate headquarters under construction at Lake Lorraine.

“It’s entering the final stages,” founder Sean Coffman said. “I think it’s coming together well.”

The building is about a month away from welcoming about 200 employees.

To take a look inside, click below.


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