2014 Toyota Corolla Review Review


Since 1968, the Toyota Corolla has made an impact in the automotive world. This compact sedan is definitely the full package, offering a look most drivers are happy to flaunt, along with reliability, safety, and the latest technology.


The classic essence of Corolla remains evident in each new model, but the 2014 representation of this well-loved car is perhaps the ritziest one to date.


At a Glance


The Corolla is significantly revamped for 2014. At 182.6 inches long, it has grown to be one of the largest sedans in its class. Among other things, it offers more comfortable seating and a revised engine and twist-beam axle rear-suspension setup.


It comes in 10 trims: L (28/37 mpg), LE (29/38 mpg), LE ECO (30/42 mpg), LE ECO Plus (30/40 mpg), LE ECO Premium (29/38 mpg), LE Plus (29/38 mpg), LE Premium (29/38 mpg), S (29/37 mpg), S Plus (29/37 mpg), and S Premium (29/37 mpg).


Exterior Features & Performance


The base L 2014 model’s exterior has been refurbished and now offers a significantly sharper look. It has a more strikingly shaped body, a rather dramatic grille, and glamorous LED headlights. It comes standard with 15-inch steel wheels.


The LE model comes with 15-inch steel wheels, as well, but these can be upgraded to 16- or 17-inch steel or aluminum wheels. It also provides remote keyless entry. Bigger wheels are a special feature in the LE trim, while the Corolla S is fitted standard with a rear-deck spoiler, a chrome-tipped exhaust, and fog lights.


The L, LE, and S versions of this car contain a 1.8 liter, 4-cylinder engine with 132 horsepower. The L and S have a six-speed manual gearbox, though a four-speed automatic is also available in the L. The LE has the same engine qualities, but with the fuel economic CVTi-S hosting power in the automatic-transmission models.


The Eco Corolla models also employ a 1.8 liter, 4-cylinder engine, but they raise the bar with an efficient powertrain and 140 horsepower.


Interior Features & Luxury


The 2014’s interior is considerably upgraded with refined colors and high-quality materials. The focal point is the central display system, which includes iPod connectivity, Bluetooth® wireless technology, and a four-speaker audio system.


The seats are visibly updated and even more comfortable than before, and trunk capacity is slightly larger than the 12.3 cubic feet offered by past Corollas. If drivers opt to upgrade to the LE version, they can bask in the luxury of automatic climate control and Entune six-speaker audio with streaming Bluetooth.


The sporty S Corolla includes even more up-to-date and stylish seating and a driver’s convenience package that offers premium Entune, navigation, and useful apps.


Engine/Transmission Specifications


2014 Toyota Corolla L, LE, and S


·         1.8-liter inline-4

·         132 horsepower @ 6,000 rpm

·         128 lb-ft of torque @ 4,400 rpm

·         Corolla L: 28/37 mpg (6-speed man), 27/36 mpg (4-speed auto)

·         Corolla LE: 29/38 mpg (CVTi-S auto) 

·         Corolla S: 29/37 mpg (CVTi-S auto), 28/37 mpg (6-speed man)


2014 Toyota Corolla Eco Versions


·         1.8-liter inline-4

·         140 horsepower @ 6,100 rpm

·         126 lb-ft of torque @ 4,000 rpm

·         Corolla LE Eco: 30/42 mpg (CVTi-S auto)

·         Corolla LE Eco Plus & Eco Premium: 30/40 mpg (CVTi-S auto)

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