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Our proven Vehicle History Reports help minimize your risk and prevent expensive mistakes when buying your next vehicle. Backed by government data (NMVTIS), our reports protect you from fraud, stolen and unsafe vehicles. Plus, they provide previous seller information, like historical photos and price history so you buy smart. It’s peace-of-mind, for FREE!

Title InfoIssued November 17, 2016 Odometer History 6,182 miles Junk & Salvage Info 2 Records Found Insurance Report 1 Record Average Price $24,081 Brand History 1 Brand Reported
Title Info
Issued 11/7/16
Odometer History
6,182 miles
Junk & Salvage Info
2 Records Found
Insurance Report
1 Record
Average Price
Brand History
1 Brand Reported
Honda HRV

Vehicle History Reports You Can Trust

Two powerful data providers combine forces to provide vehicle history on over 96% of the vehicles on the road in the US today.

Government Data

Backed by the NMVTIS, our reports offer title, fraud and damage disclosures.

Carsforsale.com Data

Insightful data from previous sellers include price and online photo history.

Free Reports

Our reports are complimentary because you shouldn’t pay for peace-of-mind.

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Reports are immediately available for quick decision making.

What's Included In Our Vehicle History Reports

Critical vehicle history details married with online vehicle history data offer a unique, broad view of a vehicle’s life. From current vehicle condition to vehicle history, we report the critical details you need to buy smart.

  • Junk & Salvage Info
  • Insurance Info
  • Title History
  • Title Brands
  • Online History
  • Classic
  • Collision
  • Crushed
  • Disclosed Damage
  • Dismantled
  • Fire Damage
  • Flood Damage
  • Former Rental
  • Gray Market
  • Hail Damage
  • Junk
  • Kit
  • Odometer Info
  • Police Use
  • Taxi
  • Owner Retained
  • Parts Only
  • Rebuilt
  • Reconstucted
  • Recovered Theft
  • Refurbished
  • Remanufactured
  • Replica
  • Saltwater Damage
  • Salvage
  • Salvage Stolen
  • Street Rod
  • Test Vehicle
  • Totaled
  • Undisclosed Lien
  • Vandalism
  • Reissued VIN
  • VIN Replaced
  • Warranty Returned
  • And More!

Frequently Asked Questions

A Vehicle History Report is a reliable report for consumers and sellers that describes the history and title behind a vehicle. A Vehicle History Reports is a trusted report that gives you the information you need to determine whether the car you want to purchase is in good shape and priced fairly.

Carsforsale.com Vehicle History Reports (VHRs) has two proven sources of data. The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) and over 20 years of seller records from Carsforsale.com. NMVTIS was founded in 1996 to protect consumers from auto theft and fraud as an amendment to the 1992 Anti-Car Theft Act. The NMVTIS system contains information on vehicles that have titles in the U.S. In addition to NMVTIS reporting, Carsforsale.com goes the extra mile to include photos, pricing, dealership details, and the date a vehicle was posted in our robust Vehicle History Reports.

96% of all vehicles on the road in the US today are reported on under the NMVTIS system in the following categories: car, truck, bus, motorcycle, recreational vehicle, or truck tractors. In some cases, commercial vehicles and vehicles older than 1981 may not have access to Vehicle History Reports.

The information listed on a Carsforsale.com Vehicle History Report includes over 70 title disclosures including: title history, title issue date, the latest odometer reading, theft history (if any), the brand assigned to a vehicle and the date it was applied, and salvage history. This information gives you a good picture of what condition the car is in before you buy it.

As of January 2010, dealerships in every state must remain NMVTIS compliant by sharing and updating the history of vehicles on their lot. Vehicle History Reports are updated in several different ways. Some reports are updated in “real-time,” as title transactions happen, while others send updates less frequently. You can expect a Vehicle History Report to be updated as soon as 24 hours or within a few days after a title transaction occurs.

In order to track a vehicle’s history, you need a VIN. A VIN, short for vehicle identification number, identifies your vehicle from other vehicles manufactured in the U.S. Different year models may have shorter or longer VINs than current year models. If you have a 1981 or newer vehicle, you can expect your VIN to have 17 numbers.

Your VIN is located one of two places: inside the driver’s side door, where the door connects to your car, or on the left, lower side of your dashboard which can be seen from the outside of your windshield. Find this number and input it into Carsforsale.com’s Vehicle History Report database to learn more about your vehicle’s history.

At Carsforsale.com, we believe that safety and value are two things you shouldn’t have to pay for. We understand that peace of mind shouldn’t have to come with a price tag. Carsforsale.com’s Vehicle History Reports give you the information you need to make a safe and informed decision about your next vehicle without emptying your wallet.