The 2024 Acura RDX is a premium compact SUV filled with amenities. We look at safety features, interior quality, and more in our review.

What’s new for the 2024 Acura RDX?

Now deep into its third generation, the RDX offers a premium compact SUV experience with standard AWD, 272 horsepower, and a cabin filled to the brim with technology. Part of that package is an extensive safety suite that includes adaptive cruise control, forward collision mitigation, and lane keep assist on all four trim levels. If the Honda CR-V needs just a bit more polish in your eyes, the Acura RDX will be perfect.

With an update looming large for 2025, the Acura RDX for 2024 gets just one update, standard AWD across the lineup. Otherwise, it’s unchanged from the model we reviewed a year ago. 

2024 Acura RDX Exterior -

2024 Acura RDX Exterior – |  Shop 2024 Acura RDX on Score
Body Style

Starting Price

MSRP $45,700





Fuel Economy

21 City / 27 Highway

Number of Seats


Seats 5

The Breakdown

Standard AWD

Excellent safety aids

Above-average warranty

Finicky infotainment system

So-so fuel economy

Inconsistent braking feedback

Ready for the next generation

2024 Acura RDX Specs

Trims & Pricing

Base - $45,700
Technology - $47,895
A-Spec - $50,895
Advance - $53,045

2024 Acura RDX Powertrain 8/10

2024 Acura RDX Lower Side Exterior -
2024 Acura RDX Lower Side Exterior -

Acura makes picking a powertrain for the RDX easy since there’s only one available. It consists of a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that makes 272 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque. It sends that power to all four wheels via a 10-speed automatic gearbox. On paper, that combination sounds good. In practice, it’s a bit of a roller coaster in terms of experience.

The engine is above average when compared to this car’s most direct rivals. The Cadillac XT5, Infiniti QX50/55, and Buick Envision are all less engaging. The AWD system is far more dynamic and fun than the standard FWD-bias AWD setup too. On top of that, we love that Acura is using a real 10-speed gearbox rather than a continuously variable transmission.

At the same time, the engine isn’t capable of the truly playful behavior found in cars like the Genesis GV70, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, the Audi Q5, or the BMW X3. All of those cars start at almost the exact same price and offer better dynamics. In addition, the braking system and gearbox in the RDX need some additional refinement. The brakes feel inconsistent and the transmission seems to hunt for the correct cog far more often than in most cars.  

Finally, the RDX gets at best 21 mpg in the city and 27 on the highway. Those numbers are fine but they’re far from the top of the pack. In fact, they’re not even good enough to beat some larger SUVs. For example, the Ford Explorer gets up to 21 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway while making more horsepower, weighing more, and offering a third row of seating.

2024 Acura RDX Interior 9/10

The cabin of the RDX is a visual feast. The dash, center console, door cards, and steering wheel are full of interesting features and finishes that gather attention. In fact, the design might be a bit too busy for some. Regardless, we appreciate the mostly premium feeling materials throughout the cabin. The drive mode selector prominently featured in the control stack feels out of place though. How often will mid-size crossover drivers use that knob? We bet it won’t be very often.  

The seating itself is comfortable and easy to adjust for long drives and most drivers. Visibility is good too with small blind spots in the rear quarters. We recommend using the SAE method of wing-mirror positioning to reduce blind spots in cases like this. Under the main center console is a clever little storage area for a phone and other bits and bobs.

The rear seats are spacious and have ample headroom and legroom for most adults. The upscale fit and finish continue back there and that’s a nice addition that not all rivals match. The rear seats also fold down flat to enable a maximum cargo volume of 79.8 cubic feet. With the seats in place, the RDX offers 31.1 cubic feet in the trunk.

2024 Acura RDX Technology Features 8.5/10

2024 Acura RDX Interior Infotainment Screen -
2024 Acura RDX Interior Infotainment Screen -

Acura packed the RDX full of technology and for the most part, it’s very good. The infotainment system features great graphics, has logical menus, and responds quickly. At the same time, controlling the infotainment system has its ups and downs. First, it’s a proper touchscreen which is good but it’s a bit small at just 10.2 inches and it’s positioned somewhat far away compared to other rival options.  

In a bid to fix that distance and control issue, Acura includes a standard touchpad to control it. In theory, it’s not too far from what Mazda does in its cars but instead of a simple scroll wheel, the touchpad presents challenges. Navigating the system presents a learning curve that not everyone will love. This is one of the very last cars available with such a control surface. We get the feeling that Acura needs to ditch it like just about everyone else has.

On the plus side, Acura makes the RDX available with various ELS sound systems, standard Android Auto, standard Apple CarPlay, and a standard Wi-Fi hotspot. All of those features elevate the RDX above some competitors. The story is similar in terms of safety tech too.

Every RDX comes with adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist, forward collision mitigation, and lane-departure warning. Those who want blind-spot monitoring, parking sensors, and a surround-view camera system can find them on the menu for extra cash. 

2024 Acura RDX Trims & Pricing

2024 Acura RDX Base -
2024 Acura RDX Base -

Base – $45,700

The standard RDX comes with 19-inch wheels, keyless entry, heated front seats, dual-zone automatic climate control, faux leather upholstery, a panoramic sunroof, a 10.2-inch infotainment system, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, nine speakers, and a Wi-Fi hotspot.

2024 Acura RDX Tech -
2024 Acura RDX Tech -

Technology – $47,895

This trim includes leather upholstery, integrated navigation, noise-reducing front windows, a wireless charging pad, interior ambient lighting, 12 speakers, and parking sensors.

2024 Acura RDX A-Spec -
2024 Acura RDX A-Spec -

A-Spec – $50,895

Consider this the sporty RDX but only in terms of looks. It comes with 20-inch wheels, a sport steering wheel, ventilated front seats, some faux suede upholstery, and a 16-speaker ELS sound system.

2024 Acura RDX Advance -
2024 Acura RDX Advance -

Advance – $53,045

Finally, the Advance trim includes fog lights, adaptive dampers, remote start, power-folding mirrors, automatic wipers, noise-reducing rear windows, a heated steering wheel, heated rear seats, a heads-up display, a surround-view camera system, and a 16-speaker sound system.

2024 Acura RDX Overall Value 7.5/10

The RDX feels a bit half-baked when compared to its competition. For example, the driving dynamics feel good underload but the feedback from the brakes is poor. The infotainment system is fine, but the touchpad is finicky and the screen is small.  

The cabin is more premium than one you’ll find in a Honda but falls far short of cars like the Genesis GV70. The engine is more powerful than some options but nowhere near the top of the class and returns average fuel economy.  

The RDX doesn’t have any sterling qualities that set it up above its competition. The one aspect that gives it a small edge over some brands is that Acura offers a four-year bumper-to-bumper warranty and a six-year powertrain warranty in addition to two years of free maintenance. That beats a few competitors in terms of warranty coverage. Overall Score 8.25/10

2024 Acura RDX Exterior Rear -

2024 Acura RDX Exterior Rear – |  Shop 2024 Acura RDX on

We believe Acura should strive to be a leader in design, engineering, and performance within its class. This could mean achieving top fuel efficiency, offering a luxurious interior for the price, or excelling in other aspects of performance. Compared to its rivals, the Acura RDX falls short in all these aspects. We look forward to the 2025 refresh to see if Acura can be the class leader it deserves to be.  

2024 Acura RDX FAQs 

2024 Acura RDX Side Exterior -
2024 Acura RDX Side Exterior -

Does the RDX require premium gas?

Yes, Acura and the EPA say that the RDX should run on premium fuel.

When will the RDX get a redesign?

It appears as though the 2025 RDX will get a refreshed interior and exterior design but keep the same basic drivetrain components and chassis.

Does the RDX have a third row?

The 2024 Acura RDX does not have a third row. 

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