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The Honda Passport vs. Pilot


The Honda Passport and Pilot are two SUV peas in a pod. We’re highlighting the differences between the two in this head-to-head.

A Tale of Two SUVs

2020 Pilot VS Passport

2020 Honda Pilot and Passport – honda.com  |  Shop SUVs on Carsforsale.com

The Honda Passport and Pilot are two often overlooked SUVs. With a plethora of SUVs to choose from today, knowing what makes them different, even between two SUVs from the same manufacturer, can be difficult. Here’s everything you need to know about Passport and Pilot to help you decide which one is fit for you.

The Passport

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2020 Honda Passport – honda.com  |  Shop Honda Passports on Carsforsale.com

The Passport is a two-row SUV, smaller than the Pilot, that features some of the key features and amenities drivers and their families want and need. Let’s take a closer look at what the Passport has to offer.

Standard Features

  • Drivetrain Options: AWD, FWD
  • Combined Fuel Efficiency: 21-22 mpg
  • Seating: 5
  • Horsepower: 280 hp
  • Engine: V6

Other standard features of the Passport include some safety options like blind spot detection, rear-cross alerts, and automatic emergency braking. With a V6 engine, the Passport is quick, but not incredibly fuel-efficient compared to its competitors. The inside is roomy, but the ride can be a little unsettling off pavement as its higher off the ground giving it a top-heavier feel. With a ground clearance of 7.5 inches, you would hope the ride would be a little smoother off-roading, but for a family vehicle, the ride on-pavement is fine.

Trim Lines

Honda Passport Trime Lines

2020 Honda Passport – honda.com  |  Shop Honda Passports on Carsforsale.com

The Sport trim features a 7-speaker stereo with a subwoofer, heated mirrors, as well as hands-free and keyless entry.

The EX-L trim has an 8-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, heated seats, and a handful of safety features like blind spot detection and rear-cross alerts.

The Touring trim has turning signal mirrors, front and rear parking sensors, and adjustable power seats.

The Elite trim will cost you a bit more, but you’ll find joy in the little luxuries like a leather-wrapped and heated steering wheel, ventilated front seats, and multi-level heating rear seats.

The Pilot

2020 Honda Pilot

2020 Honda Pilot – honda.com  |  Shop Honda Pilots on Carsforsale.com

The Pilot is a three-row SUV that offers a few more options than the Passport. With an additional trim line and a few extra feet of cargo room, the Pilot has a little more wriggle room. Let’s see what the Pilot has to offer.

Standard Features

  • Drivetrain Options: AWD, FWD
  • Combined Fuel Efficiency: 22 mpg
  • Seating: 7-8
  • Horsepower: 280 hp
  • Engine: V6
Three Rows of Luxury - Lincoln Aviator vs Acura MDX

A lot like the Passport, the Pilot offers much of the same in with just a little extra room. With three rows of seats, there’s a little more elbow room, as well as cargo space to stow away gear and goods. You can stay with the 18 inch or 20-inch wheels, but the 20-inch wheels tend to take corners stiffly. Though the ride isn’t always ideal without many passengers inside, the Pilot is fuel-efficient for its size. The cargo space is nearly 6 cu. ft. bigger than the Passport and has 16 cupholders, just in case you need two drinks per passenger!

Trim Lines

Pilot Trim Lines

2020 Honda Pilot – honda.com  |  Shop Honda Pilots on Carsforsale.com

The LX trim has a 6-way adjustable driver’s seat and 4-way adjustable front passenger seat, a 5.0-inch touchscreen to monitor basic information, and speed-sensitive volume control among other basic features.

The EX trim comes with features like blind spot detection, lane departure alerts, an accident avoidance system, and heated mirrors.

The Touring trim offers some cool features including 20-inch wheels, a rear entertainment system, and a hands-free power tailgate.

The Elite trim includes a Blu-ray/DVD player, video monitor, a 10-speaker stereo, emergency braking assist, among other features.

The Black Edition is a black on black version of the Pilot with only a handful of upgrades over the Elite trim. You can expect painted alloy wheels, parking sensors, and a heated steering wheel just to name a few.

To Buy or Not to Buy?

If you’re loyal to Honda and want to buy an SUV, the differences between the Passport and the Pilot are minute. But to us, the answer is simple. The Passport comes at a lower price point and offers the same amount of luxuries while also maintaining its road manners. Though the Pilot gives you a little extra room, if you don’t plan on toting around 7 passengers every day, you will still have room to pack in your gear and groceries. For a little less money, the same amount of seating, and better driving the Passport has our vote.

What do you think? Which one would you buy? Let us know in the comments below!

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