Ferrari Purosangue: The Crazy V12 SUV Arrives

A long time in coming, the Ferrari Purosangue, the brand’s first ever SUV is sleek, stylish, and insanely fast.  

Don’t Call It a Comeback, or an SUV 

Ferrari Purosangue -
Ferrari Purosangue -

The purists over in Maranello have long resisted the SUV trend (can we even call it that after 25 years?). Other European brands have turned the supposedly unsporty SUV into their bread-and-butter models, with the likes of the Lamborghini Urus and Porsche Cayenne becoming their respective brands’ best-sellers. But until now, Ferrari had been content to ignore the SUV segment. However, popular demand and money have a way of softening even the staunchest of stances. Hence, the new Ferrari Purosangue, the Prancing Horse’s first ever SUV.

Ferrari fans need not worry that the brand compromised all that much in the leap. Benchmarked against the likes of the Urus and Cayenne, the Purosangue will contend with the best performance in the segment and compete in both sophistication and price with other high-rolling SUVs like the Rolls-Royce Cullinan and Bentley Bentayga. Yet, despite the four doors and high profile, Ferrari isn’t calling the Purosangue an SUV. Their new “car,” however you categorize it, is less a departure than a logical evolution.

Under the Hood

Ferrari Purosangue -
Ferrari Purosangue -

In this age of rapid electrification, Ferrari has chosen to keep with tradition and put a brand-new naturally-aspirated V12 in the Purosangue, no hybridization in sight. This unique 6.5L makes up to 725 horsepower, 528 lb-ft of torque, revs up to 8,250 rpm, and will rocket the Purosangue from zero to 62 mph (100 km per hour) in 3.3 seconds. That time ties the Purosangue with three of its direct competitors in the Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT, Lamborghini Urus, and Aston Martin DBX 707 for the quickest accelerating SUV in the world. Top speed will exceed 193 mph, and power will be sent to all four wheels via an eight-speed dual-clutch.

Inside & Out

The Ferrari Purosangue borrows and steals the best bits from various of its Ferrari siblings. The silhouette is reminiscent of the GTC4 Lusso. Not surprising given the Purosangue shares a similar front-engine design (as well as the Lusso’s AWD system). The front end echoes the Ferraro Roma, with its squinty headlights and muscular front hunches. Of course, there’s plenty of aero bits like a front splitter and wings and a spoiler in back. It’s also hard to miss the Purosangue’s enormous staggered wheels, 22-inches in front and 23-inches in back. You’ll be able to order the Purosangue with your choice of a panoramic sunroof or a weight-saving carbon fiber roof instead. Coolest of all is the Purosangue’s signature design element, its rear hinged/suicide doors granting access to a pair of sumptuous bucket seats in back.

Of course, the Purosangue is just as sophisticated inside as out, and just as original. Amidst the fine Italian leather and swooping lines one might expect, the interior of the Purosangue surprises most for what it lacks. Unlike nearly every new vehicle, the Purosangue dispenses with a central infotainment touchscreen. Instead, the Purosangue offers two 10.2-inch digital screens arranged in classical “double bubble” fashion, one functioning as a digital gauge cluster for the driver and the other far over on the right, the exclusive province of the front seat passenger. Ferrari figures you buy a Ferrari to drive it.

Price & Release

Ferrari Purosangue -
Ferrari Purosangue -

The Ferrari Purosangue will come with the very Ferrari price tag of roughly $400,000. Even at that price, we expect demand for Ferrari’s don’t-call-it-an SUV to be high. Deliveries for the Ferrari Purosangue are expected to start in 2023.

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