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Hummer EV SUV Continues the Quiet Revolution

Niel Stender

The next supertruck in GM’s electric-vehicle push is the Hummer EV SUV. Laden with tech and off-road chops, it promises to make a big impact when it lands in 2023.

Another Hummer Drops, Literally

GMC has added another electric supertruck to their “quiet revolution”, the Hummer EV SUV. It literally dropped, from the sky, in an NCAA Final Four reveal to the rumble of Trent Reznor’s Immigrant Song remix. Lots of thunder and lightning driving home the all-electric theme.

Bearing a strong familial resemblance to the EV Pickup revealed last year, GMC’s new Hummer EV SUV will be about 9” shorter giving it a stockier look. The front grille and boxed fender sides are similar, but 22-inch rims stuffed into size 35 tires give it a sportier appearance. The rear liftgate will be power operated and fitted with a full-size spare.

Hummer EV SUV Reservations Are Open and Already Full

Hummer EV SUV - gmc.com
Hummer EV SUV - gmc.com

Edition 1 model reservations were opened up on April 3 and are, as of this writing less than 24 hours later, full. As the fully loaded $105,595 SUV trim, Edition 1’s come with a triple motor setup putting down 830 horsepower and a reported 11,500 lb-ft of torque. All that power comes from GM’s Ultium battery tech and is expected to allow for 300 miles of range.

The Edition 1 will be the only Hummer EV SUV to offer a Moonshot Matte Green paint job. This is a nod to NASA’s “moonshot” program of getting Apollo 11 to the lunar surface all those years ago. GM considered their new Hummer EV’s to be a similar feat given the tight development time and leading Ultium vehicle platform. Other lunar “easter eggs” like a Sea of Tranquility map can be found throughout the new EV SUV.

More Details on Later Models

Hummer EV SUV - gmc.com
Hummer EV SUV - gmc.com

All new Hummer EV SUVs will run off this Ultium lithium-ion battery platform. The base level EV2 will come with a 16-module architecture and 2 motors good for 250 miles of range and 625 horsepower. Priced at $79,995, the EV2 is scheduled for arrival in spring 2024. It will come with a host of features standard across the EV SUV lineup like Super Cruise hands-free tech, a removable Infinity roof system, and HD surround vision.

All other models of the new SUV will include the 20-module version of Ultium, good for 800V of battery powered juice. The Hummer EV2X SUV, slated for Spring 2023 at a cost of $89,995, is paired with 2 motors good for 300 miles of driving. Additional features at this price point include 4-wheel steering which can move 10 degrees in either direction. Along with a 20-inch turning radius, this enables the CrabWalk feature which allows the Hummer to drive diagonally at low speeds. Adaptive air suspension and ride control promise crisp handling on- and off-road thanks to continuously adjustable damping and road-condition appropriate ride height.

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Hummer EV SUV - gmc.com
Hummer EV SUV - gmc.com

Speaking of ride height, that air suspension brings with it the nifty Extract Mode feature. With the ability to raise the entire vehicle 6 inches, it should come in handy for clearing large off-road obstacles.

Also timed for spring 2023, the EV3X trim comes in at just about $100,000 and adds an additional motor for the same 300 miles of range, but with 830 horses and the huge twist figure. All that power comes with torque vectoring and the Watts to Freedom functionality. A wild and wooly launch feature, it’s said the Hummer EV SUV will hit 60 in 3 seconds flat when in use. The torque vectoring aspect is an add-on to the e4WD system that is standard across the lineup.

This Off-Roading Contender is Coming Soon

Hummer EV SUV - gmc.com
Hummer EV SUV - gmc.com

On the new Hummer EV SUV, off-roading is a big selling point. e4WD, in combo with the multiple electric motors and torque vectoring, will allow for precise distribution of power to all four wheels. In fact, it can direct 100% of available to torque to a single front wheel. The optional, $5000 Extreme Off-Road package builds on this with a front e-locking differential and virtual rear lockers. Heavy duty ball-spline half shafts join the dirt party as does full underbody “armor”, consisting of steel plates and rock sliders. There is also the UltraVision network of vehicle cameras that will allow for underbody, real-time camera views front and back as part of this package.

With plenty of other high-tech features like the modular Infinity roof, Epic Games powered vehicle software, and DC fast-charge capability, the new Hummer EV SUV should be a show stopper when it hits the streets in 2023.

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Niel Stender
Niel Stender

Niel got his start in the car world as a vehicle dynamics engineer with SVT at Ford. He still has dreams of running figure eights on the wet pad in an S197 GT500. These days, when not fending off karate kicks from the 3 tiny humans that run his household, he can be found on St. Louis backroads pretending to be Ken Block in his 6-speed Mazda 6.

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