Most Outrageous Mods on Normal Cars

Car customization is a bigger market than ever before and these are the results when the wrong parts end up on the wrong car.

Have Car Mods Gone Too Far?

Never before in history have people customized their cars in so many different ways. From the extreme and dramatic Bosozoku cars of Japan to hilariously squatted Carolina leaned trucks to meticulous custom builds that feature thousands of horsepower, we’ve seen it all. What happens though when someone decides to cut an all-new path? Well, then you get today’s subject, the most outrageous mods on normal cars ever. Let’s take a look at the wildest ways to customize a car.

Can This Fiesta Even Turn?

Modified Ford Fiesta -
Modified Ford Fiesta -

What do you do when you want to go muddin’ with all of your buddies but all you own is a lowly Ford hatchback? Well, you put gigantic agriculture wheels and tires on it like this guy of course. When you have rubber that will dig in and move mud in the worst of circumstances you’re sure to have propulsion. And when those same wheels and tires give you a natural 17-inch lift all on their own, you have the ground clearance to do almost anything. This thing looks insanely capable. How does it turn? We have no idea.

A Volvo V70… But a Tank

Modified Volvo V70 - @Piers_Montague on
Modified Volvo V70 - @Piers_Montague on

Everyone says that Volvos are built like tanks, but this owner took that idea to a level that we didn’t think was possible. Imagine rolling up to any government agency in this thing. We feel like it wouldn’t go over well. Honestly, we can’t imagine taking this thing almost anywhere. A kid’s soccer game? Too aggressive. An actual military operation? Not aggressive enough! What’s amazing though is that the old owner of this Volvo Tank actually built it for charity and then drove it through some of the best roads in the Swiss Alps. If there’s anything worth going to this level of extreme for, perhaps charity is that thing.

Bringing JDM to the Apocalypse

An Australian YouTube channel was called upon to create a custom car for the latest Mad Max film and the result was this extreme Nissan Silvia. It looks tough enough that the zombie response unit people would even praise it. Under the hood is a GM V8 firing its straight-piped exhaust straight through that same hood so it’s got as much business looking this way as any car could. The exterior has functional brush guards, window cages, and even a tire carrier up top. Of course, the guys had to give this Silvia a lift to get those giant tires fitted, but we say it looks good. Oh, and some of the body was painted with fire. Sounds about right.

LeMons Flips a Camaro On Its Head

LeMons is a racing series that sort of lovingly mocks the world famous 24 Hours of Le Mans that happens each year in France. Part of the festivities involves bringing cars that are comically modified. Sometimes, like when someone brought a Cessna converted into a car, they’re not even cars, to begin with. Perhaps no car though has been as famous as this upside-down Camaro. Of course, it’s not actually a Camaro but a Ford Festiva underneath all that clever bodywork. Hilariously enough, the entire Camaro shell can be lifted completely off of the Festiva when needed.

The Toyota PriuSRT8

Sometimes though, power is outrageous all on its own. That’s the case when it comes to this Hellcat-powered Toyota Prius. This build is just as high quality as any other high-end performance tuner company. Unlike all the dolts driving (or worse – buying) front-wheel drive cars with giant spoilers, this Prius probably needs more downforce than it can get. It features a full ladder frame, a four-link rear suspension, a carbon-fiber driveshaft, and of course, a roll cage. The V8 engine still makes all 707-horsepower, but now sends it through a six-speed Tremec manual transmission. It’s affectionately called the PriuSRT8 and now that they’ve thought of it, maybe a performance version of the Prius could work. Toyota? What do you guys think?

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