New vs Used: Ford Expedition MAX

It’s a battle of the behemoths in this used 2019 versus shiny new 2022 Ford Expedition MAX. They both offer all the power and capability, so which is best?

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Ford went wild with SUVs beginning with the letters “Ex” in the 1990s. The Explorer, a legend by itself and one whose history we dive into here, led the charge. It was capped by the Excursion, a ludicrous monster truck of an SUV in 2000. But today, we’re looking at the third member of the Ford Ex family – the Expedition. Specifically, an Expedition MAX, successor to the now extinct Excursion. It’s a rarified air that this land barge breathes, shared only with the twins from Chevy and GMC in terms of sheer length.

When it comes to hauling passengers and cargo in luxurious digs, nothing else comes close. Sure, the modern Econoline and its competition can be stuffed with more humans, but you won’t be finding Del Rio leather, massaging front thrones, and a panoramic sunroof in such a vehicle. Today, we’ll be comparing the Expedition MAX to itself, a shiny new 2022 model versus a used beast from 2019. This makes for a good apple-to-apples matchup as the MAX was heavily revised for the 2018 model year with a strong 3.5L twin-turbo V6-based powertrain that carries through to the new models.

New vs Used Ford Expedition MAX Specs

2019 Ford Expedition MAX 3.5L V6 -
2019 Ford Expedition MAX 3.5L V6 -

Whether new, or lightly used, you’ll find the same basic 3.5L EcoBoost V6 motor, paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission under the hood of a Ford Expedition MAX. For our 2019 Ford Expedition MAX, the twin-turbo setup produced 375-hp and 470 lb-ft of torque on all models expect the top-spec Platinum, which saw those figures jump to 400 and 480, respectively. Rear-wheel-drive is standard with 4WD available across the board.

2022 Ford Expedition MAX 3.5L V6 - Ben Hardy on
2022 Ford Expedition MAX 3.5L V6 - Ben Hardy on

For 2022, the base Expedition MAX powertrain receives a 5-hp bump and the same optional 400/480 combination, which is now available on King Ranch and Limited models, along with the Platinum. A newly introduced Stealth Performance Package cranks the boost up to achieve big-time numbers of 440 horsepower and 510 torques, à la Lincoln Navigator. Keep in mind, this power upgrade is found on the 2022 Expedition MAX, the 2021 model that we review here does not offer the high output mill.

Driving and Performance

2019 Ford Expedition MAX -
2019 Ford Expedition MAX -

Here’s a staggering detail – the nearly 3-ton Expedition MAX Stealth can hit 60 mph in about five seconds. Both scary – no brake upgrade here – and awesome – SPEED! – this is seriously incredible performance. Sure, it’ll cost you about ten thousand bucks but such is the price of gluttony.

Aside from the fire-breathing EcoBoost now available for 2022, you can expect a largely similar human-controlled driving experience between a 2019 and brand-new Ford Expedition MAX. Both ride on four-corner independent suspension with the option for adaptive dampers on high-spec models. Both are trailering champs with the ability to tow up to 9,000 pounds when fitted with the appropriate running gear. And both guzzle gas like it’s a competition, RWD models are rated for just 17 mpg in the city and 23 on the highway, with 4WD models predictably faring worse. Hey, at least it’s relatively cheap 87-octane.

2022 Ford Expedition MAX -
2022 Ford Expedition MAX -

On the computer-controlled driving side of the house, Ford has equipped the new Expedition MAX with a greater array of advanced driver-aids that are more widely available. Forward collison warning with automated emergency braking and a lane keeping system are now standard, whereas in 2019 they only came as standard equipment on Platinum models. The biggest news is that Ford’s BlueCruise, a trick hands-free driving system, is now on hand (I’m here all night) whereas in 2019 it didn’t exist.

Comfort and Interior

At 222-inches in length, the Expedition MAX is a monster – that translates to 18 ½ feet. However, there is an even bigger brute thundering around out there – the 2022 Chevy Suburban, which we review here, is four inches longer. This is splitting hairs however; the Ford is plenty big and plenty comfy for just about any need. It seats eight, though you can swap the middle row bench for dual captain’s chairs if seven spaces are enough. A power-folding third row is standard on the 2019 and 2022 model, which when folded down in concert with the second row opens up 121 cubic feet of storage volume.

Like the Suburban, the Expedition MAX is one of the very few vehicles that allows adults to sit comfortably in the way back thanks to 41-inches of third-row legroom. Other commonalties between the 2019 and 2022 models are standard triple-zoned automatic climate control and the option for heated, ventilated, and massaging front seats. Oddly, Ford doesn’t see fit to equip these giants with an in-cabin PA system. Comfort-minded amenity upgrades only found on new models are incremental like Active Noise Control, but generally you can find the same variety of content across this 4-year model year gap.

Trims and Features

2022 Ford Expedition MAX -
2022 Ford Expedition MAX -

A major improvement on the 2022 Expedition MAX is the now standard 12-inch infotainment touchscreen with wireless Apple and Android smartphone mirroring. Platinum models come with an even more massive 15 ½-inch display plus a 12-inch digital instrument panel, and thumping 22-speaker stereo from Bang & Olufsen. An 8-inch touchscreen was the biggest available in 2019 and those phone integrations required plugging in.

However, when you compare pricing by trim level, you may not be so focused on the gigantic new cabin screen. Looking through the listings on, a 2019 Expedition MAX with between 30 and 50 thousand miles in XLT trim costs in the $44-56,000 range. A new one starts at $61,880. Using that same mileage range, a 2019 Limited model costs between $45,000 and $64,000 versus a $71,495 entry point on a 2022 version. And the biggest gap is found on a top-dog Platinum that starts at a whopping $84,000 today, but can be found in the $56-72,000 range on a 2019 model with the aforementioned mileage.

Ford Expedition MAX Panoramic Sunroof -
Ford Expedition MAX Panoramic Sunroof -

Infotainment and audio aside, much of the goodies like a panoramic sunroof, Active Park Assist, Wi-Fi, wireless phone charging, and a hands-free liftgate can be had on a 2019 or 2022 model. For more details on what you can expect with the latest Expedition MAX, check out this review.


2019 Ford Expedition MAX -

2019 Ford Expedition MAX – |  Shop Ford Expedition MAX on

I am certainly a sucker for shiny new things and a 2022 Ford Expedition MAX is as big and shiny as they come. Particularly with a small TV mounted on the center stack and up to 510 pound-feet of torque awaiting my lead foot. However, the associated price tag is too much for me to ignore, even with these incentives. A 2019 model is no slouch, it sits the whole family and all their stuff in ample comfort. Sure, it doesn’t offer the high output motor but 400 ponies ought to suffice. For $60,000 or less you can get into a lightly used 2019 Expedition MAX in any trim line, money that won’t even open the door in 2022 – making a used model the clear winner here.

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